Below are pictures of our kitties that are available for adoption. Some of our kitties are rescues from BARC, some have been abandoned by their families, and some have, unfortunately, lost their homes. They all are pretty social with other kitties, and warm up to people making due offerings of wet food! You’ll definitely fall in love with them! Please take a look, and let your friends know, too! Due to current circumstances involving Miss Deb, we are definitely trying to get all these sweeties homes ASAP!

We have a small rehoming fee of $45 for one or $65 for two for local adoptions, or if you meet us and your dream kitty at the vet of your choice and cover the exam and vaccinations, we will waive the fee! All cats adopted will come with one large scratch pad and a 12 pack of Friskies wet food to help the transition. Long distance adoptions (Austin, Dallas etc) must be met halfway, and the rehoming fee will be dependent on the gas involved.

All of our cats are spayed/neutered and indoor only, but we highly suggest an initial exam and vaccines upon adoption. Many vets offer free first exams to rescued pets, so be sure to ask your preferred veterinarian about that!

Feel free to give us a call to arrange a meet and greet, or print and fill out our Adoption Form and send scans/images to for verification!

And if you can’t adopt right now, but would like to help, check out our donation page and see how!

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Giulia: 10 year old spayed Shorthair Tuxedo Cat (Rabies vaccine good until June 2024)

She is easily the most sociable of the upstairs cats! She’s shy for a few minutes, but she warms up really fast! She’s outgoing, and confident, and loves other cats, but she’d be fine on her own, too! She loves pets, mouse toys and laying on big scratch pads!


Sabrina: 11 year old spayed Siamese

Sabrina is a purebred Siamese that lost her family to some wild dogs! She is very alert and attentive; full of curiosity. It takes her a while to stop hiding, but once she knows you, she loves to come out and stare at you, ESPECIALLY if there’s a window pane. Then she has no qualms about coming right up to you. She is warming up steadily, and I have confidence that a consistent, loving home would see her pettable and playful! She loves catnip and rolling around on the floor with mouse toys!

Marquis (MAH-key/Mar-key): 9 year old neutered blue shorthair

He is a super cute boy once he realizes you’re a friend! He’s also really funny! He is not a morning person; I hardly ever see him very active until about noon! But he ALWAYS comes for food or snacks! Pretty relatable, huh? He’s good with other cats and his favorite thing is the full body stroke and knocking one of his big teeth into your hand as he smiles!


Ängie (Ahn-gee)/Baby Cakes: 3 year old spayed dilute tabbico shorthair

She is a very pretty, but very cautious girl. We can get pretty close to her, especially when she’s up on one of the condos, but she runs away if there is too much movement or noise. That doesn’t stop her from being eager for wet food, though, and she still comes up pretty close to cry for it! She likes other cats (especially Tommy), but she always allows herself to be the bottom of the pecking order, and would let other cats steal her food there wasn’t intervention. I think she would be fine in a home with other cats, but I think alone she would really gain confidence and shine! She is still quite young and has her whole life ahead of her to become the center of your world, and you the center of hers!


Stripe(s): 8 year old neutered brown tabby with white shorthair

His pictures do not do him justice! He is a very handsome and very sweet boy with lovely little white ankle socks and a floofy white chest, as well as always looking at you with these beautiful green eyes that turn downward on the outside. It makes him always look like he’s concerned about you. He is super affectionate once he warms up to you, and if you have treats, that will be at once. Sometimes he won’t even let you go, trying to bar your path away. He is great with other cats (especially his brother Bones/Mr. Sweetness and their mutual girlfriend, Goldie), but he is perfectly adaptable to whatever set up you have! He loves soft catnip balls and kickers, as well as lots of affection!


Bones (like Dr. McCoy)/Mr. Sweetness: 8 year old neutered brown tabby with white shorthair

He expresses a lot of excitement for company by rubbing on things and dancing around, but he’s still shy enough that he doesn’t come outright for pets. I think with consistent attention and patience he would be cured of this, though, as he’s obviously happy to see us when we come in. He is either always cuddling in the big bed with Jeffery, or even more, bunting, rubbing on, or grooming his “girlfriend,” Goldie. He would love to get a home with his brother, but unlike Stripe(s), I don’t think he could live without Goldie. He would just miss her too much.


Goldie: 8 year old spayed gold and brown tabby shorthair

Goldie is a super sweet girl. She’s the first to come to the door in the morning, and gives very vocal greetings, quickly followed by the “hip swing, butt slam” into the nearest shin. She’s easy to pet and warms up to strangers quickly, especially if they have food. She could probably use a diet, but we won’t tell her that. She’s another cat that tries to stop people from leaving. She’s great with all of the other cats, but is especially close to her “boyfriends” Stripe(s) and Bones/Mr. Sweetness. I think she would do just fine with any cats already in the home, or as an only cat, but I don’t think Mr. Sweetness could bear to be parted from her if you could possibly take two!

Day Lily

Day Lily/Day Day/Tabby Cat: 8 year spayed old brown tabby shorthair

This is Goldie’s sister Day Day. She is very laid back, but definitely joins the chorus for the wet food, and I can pet her while the food is down. She LOVES the raised, circular scratchers (as seen in pretty much every picture), and while she is fine with other cats, she can get irritated quickly if they are in her face. I think she would really come into her own as an only cat since she wouldn’t have to think about sharing her stuff and become more dependent on human affection.

Jeffery: 9 year old spayed Siamese

You read that right! Spayed Jeffery! It was believed this cat was male when she got her name, but that wasn’t the case at all! She doesn’t seem to care for the name Jeffery, either, so she’s waiting for her new name to go with her new life! Her owner died prematurely and she unfortunately passed hands many times. As a result, she’s very shy and insecure, and hisses a lot. She mostly lays in the big bed or sits in the hole in a cat tree or on a shelf, but she has warmed up to the point that she will boop her nose on my hand when I offer it. I also think, while not totally blind, she has a hard time seeing, and that might be part of her irritation and nervousness. As seen in the pictures, she was trying to look at my phone (where I was softly snapping my fingers) and couldn’t QUITE focus on it, no matter how hard she tried. She looks like she has that stereotypical cross-eyed look that Siamese often get. She may spend most of her time hiding, but she shows promising progress! I think she can be saved with consistent love and attention!

Thomas O’Malley/Tommy: 4 year old neutered red tabby with white shorthair

Full disclosure, he is going to be the toughest placement. He lets me pet the top of his head, especially while eating wet food, but it took weeks to get to that level. I almost NEVER see him come down from on top of the condo, but I know he does, because he goes to the bathroom in a corner on a desk almost. :/ I do notice he’s gradually getting better, though. He used the litterbox three days in a row recently, so that’s something. He doesn’t open his left eye very far and it oozes a lot, as well as it appearing that he might have some kind of neurological thing going on. But all this aside, he does the greeting stretch when I come in, is a prolific slow-blink kisser, and he always comes to the edge of the condo to eat wet food. He loves catnip and scratch pads, and really comes alive for flying teaser toys, and while he does well with other cats (especially Baby Cakes/Ängie, who he cuddles with), he is going to need a lot of personal love and attention and patience, especially with his litterbox issues. It might be best for him to be an only cat.