Here we’ve got a couple causes you can donate to that would really help us out.

First off, many long time clients of Catnip Inn and now The Cat’s Pajamas of Houston will know our owner and groomer, Deborah Howell, or Miss Deb to most of us. In July of this year (2023), she was in a car accident in which she sustained unknown internal injuries to her lymph nodes in the leg and chest area. Because of these injuries, her right leg and chest cavity began filling with fluid. I (Hannah) came to The Cat’s Pajamas in late September, and began working here on October 4th. Ten days later, while I was away for the eclipse, Miss Deb collapsed at work and had to be taken to urgent care by her husband. While in the hospital, doctors discovered, in addition to the injuries described, stage four ovarian and lung cancer. Miss Deb stayed in the hospital for several days, but due to some complications, did not have any kind of Medicare or medical insurance at that time, and was sent home.

Between then and December 1st, Miss Deb has been paying for her doctors visits and medications out of pocket, and has only felt up to coming in a handful of times, and only to do paperwork and bookkeeping. Now that she has some form of medical insurance, Houston Methodist Hospital has begun chemo therapy treatments, beginning on December 12th, and continuing for seven treatments, when they will decide whether or not to operate.

Miss Deb still has some very expensive bills, and is asking for donations either brought as cash or check to the shop, or sent to Deborah Howell (713)517-0710 through either Zelle or PayPal to help cover them and other expenses she has.

The second cause, which you might have read about on our Adoption page, is our resident cats. We have ten cats living in the boarding areas of the shop that need homes and support in the meantime. If you or someone you know is interested in adopting an adult or middle aged cat, please see our Adoption page, but if you cannot adopt, but would still like to help, you can send money through Zelle or PayPal to Hannah Herbster (832)207-6099 with a note about what it’s for, or you can buy off our Amazon Wishlist!

Thanks so much for all of your support, thoughts, and prayers during this trying time! For pictures and videos of these guys, and for updates about Miss Deb, follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!